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Bus timetable changes

Sarah Luton —

Please take note of some changes to bus services for Nayland College students. An updated timetable is attached below and available on our website.

You can find our updated timetable on our website: https://nayland.school.nz/high-school-life/bus-timetable/

A message from Nelson Coachlines (SBL Zones 2, 5 & 6)

Starting Monday 21st February, all services (Motueka-Mapua & Wakefield) will connect at Waimea College, where all students travelling to Nayland College will need to transfer on to the Nayland extension service (vice versa in the afternoon). 

This will mainly impact students travelling on the Wakefield service as they will now need to change buses at Waimea College, all other services are already transferring and just need to transfer on to a different bus. 

The Nayland extension bus will be fleet #39 and will have a sign in the windscreen, ‘Nayland Ext.’

See below for timetable changes:

In the morning:

  • Depart Waimea College 8:15am
  • Arrive Nayland College 8:30am

In the afternoon:

  • Dep Nayland College 3:20pm
  • Arrive Waimea College 3:35pm

This will only affect Nayland students, for passengers travelling through to Nelson there will be no change to their journey other than the Wakefield bus travelling direct to Nelson rather than detouring via Nayland Road (vice versa in the afternoon).

A message from Bromell Coachlines (Routes 1 & 2)

B1 and B2 buses will be combined into one run until further notice. This should have little to no effect on the times for picking up and dropping off.