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Regional Rockquest winners

Ysabella Abel (Student Journalist) —

Congratulations to 'The Batteries,' Peter Gray from 'Muted' and Tyler Russ from 'Nelson Crime Family'!

On Friday 11 June, five Nayland bands took part in the regional Smokefree Rockquest finals. It was an incredibly fun night and all the bands performing did very well.

Image by: Smokefree Rockquest

'Nelson Crime Family' was one of the very well-known Nayland bands that got the chance to perform. Their lead singer, Tyler Russ, won the Best Vocalist award. 

They said, “We are happy with performance on the night, and we are all individually happy with our parts. The audience were great! And super funny... If you are planning to enter next year, we would say to work on a good stage presence. And definitely give it go because it is so much fun, to have fun!” 

This was the last year that crime family will be participating in Rockquest but they are hoping to keep the band together and record a few songs in the studio. So, look out for 'Nelson Crime Family' performing around Nelson!

Peter Grey from 'Muted' won the Musicianship Award. 

Image by: Smokefree Rockquest

He said he is “really happy to have won the award.” and was “pleased with the band's performance at Rockquest. There was a really good audience that seemed to enjoy our show. Our band is going to be booking more gigs and keeping on writing new songs.” look out for 'Muted' next year at Rockquest.

Eli Shepard and Keegan Lewis from 'The Batteries' — Image by: Smokefree Rockquest

A massive congratulations to 'The Batteries' who came second overall and now have a chance to perform again at Rockquest for nationals. 

Ed Roddick from 'The Batteries' — Image by: Smokefree Rockquest

“We are so pumped about to place second and couldn’t be more grateful. We are super excited to show Rockquest what we have to offer in nationals!!

Kloey Shaw from 'The Batteries' — Image by: Smokefree Rockquest

A big thanks to the music department here at Nayland as well for your support for these bands. Let's keep supporting on our great young musicians!

Keegan Lewis and Eli Shepard from 'The Batteries' — Image by: Smokefree Rockquest