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Tactix and Silverfern player Kimiora Poi explaining the next activity for the Nayland Senior A players 
Photo by Dayna Whiting

Tactix share tactics with young netballers

Dayna Whiting —

Nayland College took the opportunity to welcome three Good Oil Tactix players into the school. The three Tactix mid courters, Charlotte Elley, Erikana Pederen and Kimiora Poi took 30 Nayland Netballers and 15 Netballers from our neighbouring schools (Tapawera, Golden Bay and Motueka) for a practical skills session. 

Nayland Senior A players and players from neighbouring schools with 3 of The Good Oil Tactix — Image by: Dayna Whiting

Nayland was kindly approached by Nelson Netball’s Leigh Gibbs to be part of the volunteer team at the ANZ Championship game on Monday night where 10 of Nayland students got to be up close and in the action of the game. They essentially had front row seat to the game while be required to collect the ball when needed, help with quarter time entertainment and carry the player bags. In return for the volunteer work that the students did, Nayland were offered this engagement opportunity with the three Tactix players.

Nayland Netballers in action — Image by: Dayna Whiting

The engagement sessions involved, attacking skills, intercepting skills, mini competitive games, lose ball activities and many more. The students had time to have a Q & A with the Tactix players. 

Tactix player Charlotte Elley explaining intercepting technique to Nayland Senior A players  — Image by: Dayna Whiting

Erikana also took a small group of students for a GRIT theory session where she talked about her experience growing up and entering the performance Netball stage. 

Tactix player Erikana Pedersen giving a GRIT talk with Nayland Senior A players — Image by: Dayna Whiting

She also talked about her struggles with injuries and the effect the injuries had not only on her physical health but mental health. 

Nayland 9A, 10A and Senior B players with 3 of The Good Oil Tactix — Image by: Dayna Whiting

Nayland College would like to thank Nelson Netball and The Good Oil Tactix for this amazing opportunity. The school looks forward to supporting The Good Oil Tactix at the next Nelson game at Trafalgar Stadium on the 4th of July.