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Photo by Rowan Taigel

Hui Taurima Leadership Camp: Te Aumiti/French Pass

Jane Townsend —

Mā mua ka kite a muri, mā muri ka ora a mua - Those who lead give sight to those who follow, those who follow give life to those who lead

Fourteen of our Hui Taurima leaders and three teachers traveled to Te Aumiti/French Pass and Rangitoto ki Te Tonga last week to learn and share histories and stories of significant sites of the area.

The camp involved staying two nights at Te Haeata, the former French Pass School that is now the Ngāti Koata Cultural Centre in Anaru, French Pass. Te Haeata means ‘the dawn’, which speaks of both the view from the site and the vision of the iwi following the Treaty Settlement in 2012.

We were welcomed to Te Haeata by Craig Sheperd, Kaitūmata Māori, Ngāti Koata and were supported by Aunty Lovey throughout the camp.

The purpose of the camp was for the students to learn the history and stories of significant sites in and around Te Aumiti/French Pass and Rangitoto ki te Tonga/Durville Island. The students planned aspects of the camp such as the menu and an area of interest to present on while visiting the sites during the camp. They also worked in groups to cook meals for the group.

The highlights of the camp were the beautiful sunrises, the whakawhanaugatanga that was built among the group, and the visits and connections with beautiful places. It was wonderful to visit Rangitoto Ki Te Tonga and to explore a number of local trails.

Six of the Hui Taurima leaders also lead the learning for the Waka Haerenga that was held for our new staff in January, 2021. This involved paddling Waka with the new staff and leading the learning at the Boulder Bank, Haulashore Island, and Tahunanui Beach and Rocks Road.

Throughout the camp the senior students led the learning at a significant site, so they were able to learn from each other, and learn the history and stories of all the places we visited.