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Principal helps to foster student interest in building

Learning Support Teacher - Trish Gargiulo —

Kees, a student with a keen interest in building inspired the learning support centre class to look at developing their own building plans.

"Each student has been designing a school, including planning the layout, measuring and calculating areas including leisure, sports, car park and paths.  Mr Wilson sent us the school plans for renovating block 2 then came to our class to talk about the plans and show us how the renovations are progressing.

The students had some questions for Mr Wilson and were able to demonstrate the knowledge they had gained about interpreting a plan.

Kees wants to be a builder when he leaves school and was keen to show Mr Wilson his detailed plan.

We all learnt some useful information and as a group found it interesting to learn more about buildings that we live in and surround us. "

Trish Gargiulo - Learning Support Teacher