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RYDA Workshop by Road Safety Education
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RYDA Driver Training Day Tuesday 16 March

Nayland College Official —

A nationally run course for Year 12 students that focuses on the mindset of young drivers rather than on their skills. See below for more information.

Year 12 students have the opportunity to participate in the RYDA driver safety programme on Tuesday 16 March. RYDA is a nationwide programme that sets up young drivers to make better decisions while driving. Nayland College students who wish to participate will be transported to the Headingly Centre and back. Bus departs school at approx 9am and will return approx 2pm.

The subsidised cost is $10 per person. Students can collect the permission forms from the student centre and make payment at the business centre. See the attached flyer for more information. 

From Road Safety Education:

Young people continue to be over represented in road deaths and serious injuries.

RYDA is the leading and only national road safety education programme for youth in New Zealand, providing young people with the skills and strategies they need to stay safe on the roads.

The RYDA workshop features highly engaging practical demonstrations, real-life narratives, videos, quizzes and interactive role play. The RYDA approach supports youth development in a number of areas including social resilience and anticipating and managing risk.

Created for senior high schools, RYDA gives students a unique opportunity to set road safety goals and build strategies alongside the friends they will most likely beriding with, as drivers or passengers. At the workshop, students attend six Interactive sessions at a dedicated venue over the course of a school day. Back in the classroom, we give teachers everything they need to continue the learning throughout the school year.


Carrying passengers under the age of 21 (who are not family members) increases the risk of a young driver crashing significantly. Research tells us that crash riskgrows exponentially as young passengers are added. This is why restricted drivers are not permitted to carry passengers. 

Whether they are the driver or a passenger, every young person contributes to the safety of the road users around them. RYDA helps young people understand the restrictions and prepares them for a time when those restrictions are no longer there to protect them.


  • SPEED & STOPPING: On a closed roadway, students work with driving instructors and experience the relationship between speed and stopping distance through practical observation.
  • DRIVE S.O.S.: Using role plays and engaging activities, students look at the road from the perspective of other road users, gaining an understanding of their challenges and learning how to “Drive So Others Survive”.
  • THE ‘I’ IN DRIVE: A reflective session designed to show how personality impacts risk on the road. Students self-assess against five areas, using this tool to analyse risky situations and practice speaking up.
  • ROAD CHOICES: A discussion, routinely led by a Police Officer on key risk areas for young drivers and passengers. Features high impact videos on decision-making and choices.
  • CRASH INVESTIGATORS: A unique opportunity for students to speak to a crash survivor about the event that changed their life. Students investigate crash factors, comparing them against the Safe System approach.
  • MIND MATTERS: Drawing from role plays, students look at the role of mood as a road risk factor. Working in teams, they develop strategies to recognise and change harmful mindstates and plan ahead to avoid risk.

For more information Ph: 0800 150 180 or Email: info@rse.org.nz 

Website: www.rse.org.nz