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Principal's Message, 1 September 2017

Daniel Wilson - Principal —

Spring has finally sprung, in theory at least!

While Spring sees a reenergising in nature, at Nayland College we are also looking to reenergise and refocus our senior students towards the upcoming derived grade exams that commence on Thursday 14 September 2017.  Although only senior students sit the derived grade exams, all students can benefit from learning study techniques.

Our Wednesday morning Akoranga tutor times are currently being utilised to provide support to students around revision.  This is done by having them consider their current approach to revision  and provides an understanding of some key strategies that work. 

Our tutor teachers have then been working with students to create effective revision plans for the next few weeks up until the derived grade exams.  Teachers have provided a number of resources to enable students to accomplish this, for example weekly planners, websites / apps for creating revision timetables and a number of revision handouts.

I have attached a revision handout to this article which you may find a useful reference to support your child with their preparations.  I would, as usual, encourage the basic and foundational ideas of eating well, getting a good night's sleep and burning some energy through exercising.

Alongside this many of our students are involved with the Winter Tournament sports over the next week. Included in this newsletter is an article by Dayna Whiting our Sports Director, which outlines the teams  we have heading away to represent Nayland College over the coming week.

Nga mihi nui

Daniel Wilson