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Term One Policies Available for Parents to Review

Nayland College Official —

Visit SchoolDocs online to submit feedback on policies due for review in Term One

SchoolDocs updates, modifies or creates policies in response to changes in legislation or Ministry guidelines, significant events and reviews / requests from schools. We encourage you to submit feedback by Friday 6 March.

To access SchoolDocs go to: https://nayland.schooldocs.co.nz/index.htm?toc.htm?1893.htm
Username: nayland
Password: kuaka

Every term you will receive information in the newsletter regarding policies that are due for review that term and we would encourage you to have your say and participate in those reviews.

Policies for review by parents this term:

  • Recognition of Cultural Diversity Policy

1. Visit the website https://nayland.schooldocs.co.nz/index.htm?toc.htm?1893.htm

2. Enter the username (nayland) and password (kuaka).

3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed under the CURRENT REVIEW tab.

4. Read the policy.

5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.

6. Select the correct reviewer type ("Staff" or "Parent")

7. Enter your name.

8. Submit your ratings and comments.