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Head of Learning Area: Science
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Friday Five Questions

Nayland College —

This weeks 'Friday Five' questions feature Hamish McLellan, Head of Learning Area: Science

How long have you been teaching and how long you been at Nayland College?

Gosh. I started teaching in 2000 and started at Nayland from 2005, I think. I had a sneaky year off to look after our first child in 2008.

What are your passions and areas of expertise?

I am reasonably inexpert at everything. I have a degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from a lifetime ago. I know a bit about Biology and Chemistry. I'm quite keen on Science generally. I think it's good to understand stuff. To predict outcomes, that sort of thing. I'm not especially passionate about anything. Or maybe it's actually everything. How would I tell the difference?

Who has inspired you on your own learning journey?

Is that a requirement? I think I just like doing it.

What is your favourite thing about the school?

One thing? Okay. The staff. And students. And wider community. It's just the whole vibe of the thing. Just that one.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Do better. Enjoy it.