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Photo by Hannah Cameron

Special Olympics Football Tournament a Win for All!

Nayland College Official —

Students from the learning support centre at Nayland College joined teams from other local schools at Saxton Stadium on Wednesday to participate in a range of soccer activities. Students took part in skills and drills some of which were quite challenging. Belinda Williams in year 11 said "Dribbling the ball was a challenge and also a highlight."

Teams also played matches to put their skills into practice. Some students found some of the aspects challenging but gave everything a go. Lily Nichols in year 9 wrote a story about the day afterwards and commented, "Getting into the whole crowd was a highlight. My challenge was being the goalie because I don't like being a goalie so I fake it til I make it!"

Nayland College staff who accompanied the students commented that it was a really positive day and they were really pleased and proud of the students for their positive and helpful attitudes. A teacher from another school also commended the Nayland Students on their supportive behaviour. Year 11 student Lochlan Rout said "A highlight for me was helping a student in a wheelchair from another school to score a goal and standing up at the end in front of everyone to thank the organisers." Well done everyone for your brilliant attitudes and for displaying the Nayland SOAR values.