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Introducing actor and performer Sam Clark.
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Star performer tops competition

Nayland College Official —

Year 9 student and Nayland drama personality Sam Clark recently won both of the two categories he entered in the 2019 Nelson Centre of Musical Arts Scholarship Competition.

Sam won $100 for each of the Musical Theatre and Speech and Drama categories, money that will go towards his tuition under Tami Mansfield at the Off Broadway Performing Arts School. He says the support and training he's received from his teacher has been "amazing."

Sam's been involved in drama for a very long time.  His parents introduced him to it at the age of about three and it's been part of his life ever since. “It’s pretty much everything I do,” he said.

After his star turn playing the Artful Dodger in this year’s Nayland production of Oliver!, Sam is now looking forward to playing the role of Jack Scott, “the narrator guy”, in High School Musical and then Scar in The Lion King with the Nelson Youth Theatre later this year.

He says the experience competing was really helpful. “When you perform something great, it’s good for your character and your skill. It’s good for knowing how to do auditions and competitions, your skills within the industry.”

“I always want to be better. I’m really happy with my performance and the result.”