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The tea and tech group is pretty stoked with their nomination.
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Recognition for youth tech volunteers

student Matthew Suter —

'Tea and Tech' is an awesome programme facilitated by AgeConnect. It works by pairing us students with members of the retired community to help them out with the technology side of their devices, be it phones, tablets, or laptops.

Every month, we get in a school van and drive to retirement communities to meet for an hour and a half to do stuff like show them how to use google maps or show them around their email app, and boy is it worth it! Not only is it enjoyable to see their faces when they figure out how to do something new with their devices, talking with these people we can see what life was like when they were our age (and see the change in our world since then)!

Recently AgeConnect held their annual award ceremony. On the award ceremony day, we met with all the other nominees at the Elim Church. We were surrounded by some of the most impactful members of the retired community and awards were presented for categories such as businesses that have adapted for older clientele, and services that have helped them get around, even in their later years.

Finally we were called up. Nayland College was nominated in the category Service in Connecting Generations, alongside Waimea College (for their contribution to Tea and Tech) and a few other groups.

It was a great day connecting with other people and groups that have been working with the retired community and a real reminder of the importance in connecting them to those around them. 

If you are interested in volunteering for 'Tea and Tech', please get in touch with Ms Paul at school.