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Juniors' brain cells get stretched and challenged

gifted and talented facilitator Glenis Paul —

Nayland College was the venue for the ‘Junior Stretch and Challenge’ day run by the Ministry of Inspiration on Wednesday the 14th of August.

The purpose of the day was for Year 7 – 10 students from the Nelson-Tasman region to not only improve their thinking skills and be intellectually creative, but also to gain skills in how to identify assumptions and distinguish between good and bad arguments.

 Students were also given the opportunity to justify their stance on the topic of ‘whether animals that cause significant damage may be culled’. 

Here are some of our Year 9 students’ reflections on the day:

“I really enjoyed the part when we talked about what the meaning of life was and what I found challenging was when we talked about debating and nature vs nurture.”

“When we were given scenarios, it made me ask myself deeper questions about our future, teamwork, and outcomes. I am really glad I went.”

“I thought it was very interesting and the first topic we discussed made us think a lot about respect.”