Mr Cheyne makes sure there's time for recording information on the peninsula. by Shannen Banks

Geographers go green in Kaikoura

Year 11 geography students, teachers and parents went to Kaikoura last week to visit New Zealand’s first and only certified sustainable town.

Head of social sciences Glenn Cheyne has been taking the trip for eight years now. He says the large number of different natural and cultural elements within a small area make it an attractive proposition for a geography trip.

While away on the three-day, two-night trip, students went whale-watching, saw seals and albatrosses, had a dolphin encounter where they also learnt about the sustainability of the business itself, and visited the recycling centre where 90% of the town’s waste is recycled.

They stayed at Takahanga Marae overlooking the ocean and visited Nayland College’s plot on the Kaikoura Peninsula, where students have been planting and tending native trees for some years now.

Mr Cheyne said there were many highlights from this year’s trip. “They were a friendly group of students who got on well with each other and enjoyed the learning experience. Everyone joined in willingly with chores and there were supportive staff and parents.”