Pegasus duels with Aquila in the final. by Sera King

Houses compete to capture the flag

The first round was held for the eagerly awaited Capture the Flag house competition on Wednesday lunchtime last week, when Pegasus took on Phoenix and Draco challenged Aquila.

The hotly contested final between Aquila and Pegasus was held the next day, alongside the playoff for third and fourth places. Aquila end up taking out the title after a long and hard challenge. Phoenix and Draco both fought hard for a win but ended up drawing for third place position.

The event drew throngs of spectators who made themselves comfortable while encouraging play from the comfort of the field’s grassy bank.

Among them was Aquila supporter Jonny who was sporting a moon boot for his broken foot. “They’d be doing better if I was playing,” he joked.

Pegasus supporter and international student Arne has enjoyed the novelty of the event, as well as all of the house competitions, as there is no such thing at his school in Germany. “It’s kind of fun if you have someone to compete against,” he said.

Phoenix supporter Chantel was impressed by her house’s form in the semi-final playoff. “They’re looking great,” she said. “They’re looking good.”

While Aquila house member Chloe was certainly pleased her house seemed to be playing a strong final, she did have one complaint. “The WiFi doesn’t reach down here,” she said.

Houses gain points for their placings, as well as points for participation. These are added together to determine overall points for the year. 

Pegasus won overall participation. Second place was Phoenix, a mere one point ahead of Aquila, while Draco came fourth.

For placing Aquila won this event, Pegasus second, Phoenix and Draco tied for third place.

Watch out for the next exciting Aerial Art house event in Week 10. This is where each house has to design and present a piece of art using only people and our drone will capture the moment from the sky.

See below for the results of the last house event - the banner competition:

1st - Aquila NCL (tutor class)

2nd - Phoenix LDN (tutor class)

3rd - Phoenix RIK / Pegasus AAR (tutor classes)