Looking Ahead: Strategic Directions 2019 and Beyond

NetNZ continues to develop and evolve with our member schools, and emerging educational developments. We have a number of key areas to focus on in the immediate and long term future.

Connected Learning

Enabling a connected approach to learning. A connected approach recognises the importance of the human element in learning and uses technology to support this.

  • Develop a framework to support teacher and learner development
  • NEX as a nationwide network that supports communities of practice
  • NetNZ Institute to support a research-based approach
  • Online Environmental prototyping
  • Developing the learner and the role of environments to support this
  • Expand and develop knowledge building practice
  • Develop greater curriculum coherence and connections

Curriculum Development

Develop a relevant, flexible and accessible curriculum

  • Modularise the majority of NetNZ programmes
  • Diversify programmes to reflect an evolving educational environment at a national and international level. This will ensure we continue to meet all our member's needs
  • Develop Creative Forest as a sustainable pathway to support the development of passions and interests of learners

National Network of Expertise (NEX)

Develop a national network of teachers committed to developing their expertise in online teaching and learning.

Never been done in this environment.

  • Would be highly innovative if built on a knowledge building approach to PLD
  • Provides the PLD framework for NetNZ staff
  • Potentially raises the profile of NetNZ and online / connected learning based in Networks of Schools

NetNZ Education Insitute

Arm of NetNZ tasked with implementing a research-based approach to developing knowledge in the field of online learning. PLD Provider.

  • Professor Kwok Wing Lai part-time employed as a key driving force
  • NetNZ selected staff to drive alongside Wing. We need to think about how this can be resourced.
  • Would potentially drive the NOE and NetNZ forward in terms of teaching and learning
  • Knowledge building approaches supported
  • To become a PLD provider. Potentially revenue generating, but key role is to develop a critical education lens to NetNZ activities

Environmental Development

Develop online environments to support a connected approach to learning

  • Develop SMS with partners. To be operational beginning of 2020
  • Prototype and develop environments that support connected learning. Look beyond current technology.
  • Develop market place / gateway for all NetNZ modular programmes. Ensure this space if accessible, flexible and easy to use.
  • NEX Environment.

Effecting Change at a National Level

Develop strategies to effect change at a national level. How can we normalise online learning and spread the adoption of a networked approach to schooling / education?

  • Tell the story and ensure it reaches a broad audience
  • Influence recommendations from Tomorrow's Schools
  • Influence strategy from government and Ministry of Education
  • Raise awareness of the NetNZ brand and programmes. Marketing
  • Diversify and develop programmes and curriculum

NetNZ Commercial

We are currently exploring the development of a  more commercial aspect to NetNZ that would enable sustainable revenue streams while not compromising the core activities of NetNZ Ltd (which is to support our members). The 'Gateway' mentioned above would form a key part of this and enable easy access to a broad range of learning opportunities, including adult and community learning, international programmes, business support, mentoring, and more. We will keep members informed as this develops this year.