Drama Online

Many people think how can you take such a physical hands-on subject online?

 It’s a partnership and it is making it accessible for those students who have a burning desire to enter the industry beyond school. We do cover the standards that require physical movement and feedback is very important to our process. Timely feedback at the beginning stages of the task so habits are not formed, and weak areas can be developed. Some of my NetNZ students work in pairs and that helps, to have a sounding board, also giving feedback. Students upload video clips to me frequently and I make it a priority to give them feedback as soon as possible and practical for me, afterwards. Then they have feed forward as to what to work on. We also have a weekly recap email after our hangout to state what we have discussed and what their next task is. Even for multi-levels, which I have, some activities fit across levels, especially Levels 1 and 2, so they can help each other with peer discussions.

I am also contactable by email and they have my cell number, so if there is an urgent question and I may not be near my emails, I can get back to them as soon as possible.

The students on NET NZ are lucky that they get passionate practitioners who love to share their subject with others. My online students are part of my whole Drama Family and are connected to my in-school class. For two major assessments, the online students come to my school for a day each time and we workshop their performance pieces with each other in a larger group. Again, Feedback is important as we all see different things in a performance. They all get to play Directors and Actors and the huge benefit is that we are all in the same position from the get go to the end point and it is what you do with the feedback that determines your final grade.

A huge advantage to the student is the development of confidence, in speaking, sharing opinions, critiquing others, and putting themselves out there with whatever skills they have. Many have strengths in certain areas, but also have areas needing work. A lot of the techniques we work on in Drama, cross over to skills for life and life beyond secondary school. The biggest benefit is feeling accepted for what you have to offer and the feeling that you fit and have a place in the world. Drama is an essential piece of the puzzle for your career, not just a subject for those who like acting.