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Course: Design and Visual Communication (NCEA L1 - DVC)

Rebecca Archer —

This course is entry level into design that has a focus on learning how to design and how to present developed outcomes using a range of techniques like freehand, rendering, CAD and instrumental working drawings.


Full Year

Subject Area(s)

Design and Visual Communication


Assignments require the learner to research given problems and find solutions that are a best fit and then communicate the function and aesthetics in a visual manner. The skills and techniques required to visually communicate developed outcomes learnt at year 10 will be enhanced to the expectations required at year 11

Note Design and design modification is something that everybody is doing all the time.

This course is extremely relevant to anyone aspiring to progress to higher forms of learning like Tertiary, Trades, Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering or just being an inventor or innovator. https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/subjects/graphics-dvc/levels/

The work centres around finding solutions to given problems. Skills and techniques involved include: freehand sketching, instrumental drawings, both orthographic and pictorial (3rd angle and isometric/Oblique) Presentation quality, rendering techniques

This course leads into Level 2 DVC


  1.  Must have access to a computer and be familiar with Google hangouts

  2. Access to textbooks on graphics or technical drawing. Design and Visual communication by Elizabeth McHugh or DVC by Paul Bourdot. - these are the best.

  3. Must be able to send images to tutor via email or similar.

  4. A clip on camera so that drawings can be better displayed .

  5. Must involve Deans and / or Parents with their learning.

  6. Must meet deadlines and be prepared to do extra to catch-up if required

Students enrolling in this course should have experienced DVC at year 10. or have a creative background or be willing to do the extra to up-skill to the required level.


 Assessment is both internal and external. Self Assessment is essential for meaningful progress. I provide a marking rubric with criteria statements for every unit at the start of the year together with a course outline.

22 credits are possible.

About the Teacher

Rebecca Archer

Email: r.archer@netnz.school.nz

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