by Amand Voice

Student Perspective: Putting ideas into action

My name is Amanda Voice, I’m a year 10 student at Maniototo Area School taking pre-NCEA Korean through NetNZ. 

Before I found out about NetNZ, I was very eager about learning Korean. I did a little study by myself but really, I had no Idea where to start. Learning a new language can be difficult, including the fact that I live in a rural area, it will be hard to find a fluent Korean speaker. My e-dean and Maths teacher mentioned giving NetNZ a try. I was happy to hear that Korean was available, among the many languages offered. I was year 9 when I signed up, but my courses started first term 2017 in year 10.

I did get some insight from other students at my school who do online courses with NetNZ, they said it was very good and easy to follow. My first lesson was a great experience, meeting my amazing teacher and fellow classmates. We went over the basic things like, where to contact our teacher, where to post our homework and just getting to know a bit about our teacher. Meeting other students that have the same interests as me and maybe even finding that some of your classmates live relatively near you!

In school, I’m always patiently waiting for my Korean class, I really really enjoy the learning. Learning at my own speed has benefited me. I have learned to self-manage myself, personally, I think this is crucial to future plans e.g If you go to university, you’ll need to manage your time. NetNZ has a great different way of education that is fantastic. NetNZ isn’t just an ‘online class’, NetNZ provides a range of different and effective learning techniques that always keeps me wanting to know what’s next. I really wish NetNZ was advertised more because many more students would use this diligently. I am looking forward to staying with NetNZ in future and for any students who are looking at this as a possible option, I'd say “You won’t regret it!”.