by Darren Sudlow

Board comments for 2017 - 2018

2017 and 2018 have been interesting and exciting years for NETNZ.

Kia ora 

2017 and 2018 have been interesting and exciting years for NETNZ. We have seen some organic growth of our offerings but the greatest opportunity for NETNZ currently lies in the discussions being held with the Ministry around new ways of operating.

With so many reviews being held its difficult to see how NETNZ might evolve but we are certain that we will evolve and as we engage with the Ministry and other stakeholders we are heartened by their knowledge of the work the team do and the opportunities that we present such as assisting with the teacher shortage or the development of Communities of Learning (COLs). The new government are working on clarifying the definition of Communities of Online Learning (CoOLs) and we know we will develop because of this ratification.

Our Asian language programmes particularly Korean have had to develop without the original seed funding however it’s gratifying to see how well they are developing. We have also received support from Datacom and we would like to thank them for this ongoing support.

Financially we are in a good space but like any educational organisation, exist on a tight budget which can at times restrict our ability to grow. At all times we are attempting to be both bold with our thinking and yet prudent with our decisions.

Education is evolving every day with new and exciting ways to deliver quality learning and teaching for our students/our next generation and we expect NETNZ to be at the forefront as a partner with New Zealand schools.

The board of NETNZ would like to extend our gratitude to our e-teachers, e-deans and the executive team for the amazing work they do every day. Much of the work NETNZ does is due to the goodwill of these teachers and we thank them for their work and their ongoing support.

During 2017 Stephen Higgs and Grant Walker stepped of our board and we would like to thank them for their support while they were on the board. On the other side of the ledger, Stuart Dillon Roberts joined the board and will bring an innovative, entrepreneurial lense to future development.

Finally, a special thanks to Trevor, Darren and Ken for their tireless work and their camaraderie with the board, keeping us on the right track and for their leadership particularly their thought leadership within the education sector.

Nga mihi

Michael Campbell

Board Chair