by Darren Sudlow

'Connected' in NetNZ Drama 

Vicki Crawford explains how she used the video conferencing element of her Drama course to connect students with external expertise 

We are studying Shakespeare for three of our Standards in Drama this year across both L2 and 3. We have joined up with the Fortune Theatre for their student backstage pass programme, which uses video conferencing to “let students observe and interact with the production process”. They zoom in or join our hangouts to show us aspects of the production we are going to see on July 6th - Twelfth Night. We beamed into their Wardrobe department during the hangout session last week and I also hope to meet the actors in another session for my class here at College.

We learnt about the Director making a mood board and about the styles for costumes, which he is aiming at 1950's styles. It was very informative and the students were able to ask questions. This will go towards our external paper where students have to discuss aspects of a play we have seen; both on stage and the Technologies used eg costume set etc.