by Emily Couch

Experiences of a NetNZ student: Madison

Madison Perrie, a NetNZ student who studied Level 2 Classics and Level 2 & 3 Art History tell us about her NetNZ experience

What was your experience as an estudent? 

I loved my experience as an e student with NetNZ in year 12 and 13 and would highly recommend it to any students wanting to develop time management, initiative, responsibility and a passion for learning that will be useful not only in further education but in their everyday lives.

How did you grow as a learner? What was positive for you about learning with NetNZ? 

NetNZ pushed me to become more organised with my schoolwork and independent with my learning in an environment where support from my teacher and online classmates was always available if I needed it. I enjoyed working independently throughout high school and loved having weekly classes where my classmates and I could share unique and perceptive ideas. Having the freedom to mold the online coursework into a structure that worked for my learning style let me develop a true passion for my studies and prepared me for tertiary education where students need to take charge of their learning. The video conference - style classes have taught me online skills that I have put into use since NetNZ, teaching me how to communicate my ideas and be confident with online job interviews and conference calls.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as an e-student and received NCEA results I never thought I was capable of without the support of my online teachers and classmates!