NEXPuzzlePractice by Marina K

Relationships and Learning

How can we work together as eDeans and eTeachers to enable each student to build the skills and dispositions that allows them to be a successful learner?

Relationships are a key component of the online environment. These relationships exist between the students, between the student and eTeacher, between the eDean and student and finally between the eTeacher and eDean. The goal of all these relationships is to ensure a successful learning experience for each student. 

I have been thinking lots about learning, the education system and the different skills and dispositions each student brings to the online learning experience.  I have also been pondering how important the interaction between the student, eTeacher and eDean is to the learning journey of each student. I invite you to watch my video where I present what I have been thinking about and pose the above question for us to explore.