by Darren Sudlow

Ashburton College: How do we use NetNZ?

Deputy Principal of Ashburton College Jono Hay explains the reciprocal relationship between Ashburton College and NetNZ.

Ashburton College is a member school of NetNZ. This gives our students access to a range of courses that we can not offer within the school due to staffing constraints. As a member school, Ashburton College contributes 0.1 FTE to the running of NetNZ. This in turn generates 6 places for students on NetNZ courses. In addition, each teacher that Ashburton College commits to teaching a NetNZ course generates 12 places for students. This means that with four teachers, each teaching a NetNZ course, 54 places are generated. Any further student places are budgeted for and paid at $1,500 per student.

If a student wants to take a course by online learning through NetNZ, they indicate this during the course selection process. This is mostly courses that are not offered within the school and in some cases, where a student has a subject timetable clash that cannot be resolved. They are required to apply to the eDean to take a course by online learning. The eDean, in consultation with the wider pastoral team looks at the students aptitude for individual learning and wider skills for learning. If they are suitable and spaces permit, an offer to take a course by online learning is made.

NetNZ is a highly effective model that gives Ashburton College students greater breadth and flexibility in their curriculum choices.