This publication captures the ongoing work undertaken by a team of educators dedicated to examining thirty years of research on Knowledge Building and presenting it in an accessible way for New Zealand teachers. It supports the "Creating Knowledge Building Communities Workshop" which will be recorded and subsequently added to the publication.

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Designing Knowledge Building Communities in Secondary Schools


  1. Literature Review: Knowledge Building Research

    Professor Kwok-Wing Lai, examines some of the key findings on Knowledge Building from the literature. Read more…
  2. Video: Knowledge Building Webinar

    A recording of the workshop to introduce knowledge building Read more…
  3. Video: What is Knowledge Building?

    The Knowledge Building (KB) pedagogical approach developed by Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter (2006) at the University of ... Read more…
  4. Video: Why Knowledge Building?

    The social, economic and political well-being of modern societies will rely on the capacity of their citizens to be able to innovate ... Read more…
  5. How to Knowledge Build

    Philippa Mallinson draws on some of the key aspects of Knowledge Building highlighted by the literature. Read more…
  6. The Knowledge Building Principles

    KB Singapore's excellent representation of the KB Principles Read more…