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"Walking The Meadows of The Otago Harbour" is  an interactive tour which exposes the secrets of the Otago Harbour sandflats. 
Photo by Rachel McGregor

Walking the Meadows of Otago Harbour 🏅

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On Wednesday 24 from 2pm-2.45pm at Tidewater Drive, Harwood, expert ecologist Brian Stewart is offering a tour to expose the secrets of Karepō or eelgrass. Find out about the marine life that rely on this habitat that looks just like a meadow on the Otago Harbour. A Wild Dunedin Flag onTidewater Drive will indicate the meeting point for the tour.

Who knew that something we probably don't give a second look at is an ecologically important species forming critical habitat and foraging areas for numerous fish and invertebrates, e. g., it provides shelter for juvenile flounder, crabs, cockles and topshells.

We have found the best person possible to unfold the secrets and importance of this habitat.  Your guide Brian Stewart is a marine ecologist who worked as a lecturer for the Otago University, then a Marine Biologist for 18 years. Then he was commissioned by Port Otago to do a survey of the sandflats for several years, in the area we will be visiting.

Cost:  Koha for our volunteers and a donation to the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital.

No booking required.