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VLN Community - Covid19 Response

VLN Community —

With the support of the Ministry of Education, the VLN Community are extending their online programmes to support schools affected by Covid19. Find out more about the VLN Community and what is on offer. Naumai haeremai!

The Ministry of Education will fund further enrolments from schools who have a high need for external provision because of Covid-19. 

Does your school need support to take your learning online and would you like your students to access existing online programmes?  If you are one of these schools you are invited to enrol with the VLN Community for term two, please follow one of the links below.


VLN Community kaupapa:

The Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) is a group of school clusters and organisations who operate as a collaborative network, utilising digital technologies in order to enhance the learning outcomes and opportunities for learners (students, teachers, school communities and educators).

We believe that online learning provides access and equity to education, future focused learning is paramount and our learners are front and centre in all we do.

NEX Kōtuitui online teachers professional network is supported by the VLN community.

Our Learning Model

VLN Community programmes are based on the New Zealand Curriculum and taught by New Zealand registered teachers. Our programmes recognise that connections between people matter in learning. Numbers are small (typically no more than twenty students) and programmes uses a 'blend' of technologies. An online hub will centralise all learning activity, while video conferencing is used to build connections.

The purpose of the Virtual Learning Network Community is to:

  • facilitate national level educational activities;
  • provide national level ‘voice'/advocacy;
  • address issues of the immediate and longer term sustainability of the VLNC;
  • assume joint ownership and responsibility with the MoE of ongoing development of the Virtual Learning Network sites and services;
  • foster a culture of innovation and knowledge building which enhances and enriches learning;
  • facilitate national and regional level collaboration and flow of ideas;
  • facilitate/provide professional growth and mentoring;
  • provide guidance and support.

VLN Community contacts & websites:

FarNet – Amanda King – eprincipal@farnet.school.nz

HarbourNet – Sue McCarthny – s.mccarthny@gmail.com

NetNZ – Darren Sudlow – darren@netnz.org

VLN Primary – Rachel Whalley – rachel.whalley@vln.school.nz

Volcanics – Sara Field – sara@volcanics.school.nz

Welcom – Andrew McKnight – AMcknight@tararuacollege.school.nz

We look forward to hearing from you - e waka eke noa!