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NEX Webinar: An introduction to Knowledge Building
Video by Ken Pullar

Workshop: What is Knowledge Building?

Darren Sudlow —

Recording of a workshop on how to apply knowledge building approaches to learning

What is Knowledge Building?

Knowledge Building promotes key principles which are designed to meet the growing need to re-imagine how schools meet the challenges described above. Scardamalia (2002) describes 12 key principles which together promote learning as a process based on curiosity, exploration and questioning, of improving ideas as a community of learners, and encouraging student ownership of the learning process and real world problem solving. It is a process that should be an integral part of the paradigm shift that needs to occur in education. It also places values such as “innovation, inquiry, and curiosity, by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively” identified as integral to the New Zealand Curriculum, at its very centre.”

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