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Engaging and motivating students
Video by COFAonlineUNSW

Engaging Learners Online

Darren Sudlow —

As mentioned in the vide, just putting together a series of resources online that you expect students to work through is not engaging for them. How you design the learning is important when trying to engage learners. Think about the following

  • Make it relevant and authentic to the students
  • Have a strong social presence online so they know you are there to support them
  • Recognise their strengths and interests and construct a course around those.
  • Develop student agency. This means that you let them have some control over what, when, and how they do things. Develop a flexible course that allows this to happen. You don’t direct them all the time
  • Develop approaches to learning that allow students greater control. Inquiry learning, knowledge building or connected approaches that recognise what students bring to the table. Start pushing the boundaries with your practice.