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VLN Community PLD Series: Workshop One: Emergent Design
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Workshop: Emergent Design

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Full recording and follow up links for Workshop one from the VLN Community PLD series

Thanks to everyone who attended the Workshop. While many of us have run online workshops before, it would be fair to say we haven't done it for 143 people before.

Follow up links

Please register an account on NEX - Kōtuitui Online Teachers Network if you would like to continue the discussion.

Further Videos:

Here are some screencast summaries (and additional info) from the three facilitators:

Learning Design Marina Krijgsman Marina K
Learning Design: Darren Sudlow Darren Sudlow
Designing for Deeper Learning Darren Sudlow
Online learning structure of VLN Primary Jenni Hammonds
Differences of online learning to the physical classroom Jenni Hammonds