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Everyone is happy when they see a Hail update!

NEX is using Hail, so what is it? 🤔

Stuart Dillon-Roberts —

Hail is a kiwi-based platform that's designed to simplify school communications.

We created Hail as we saw how difficult and time consuming it is for schools to create and publish school information, maintain social media channels and update their school website.  

It’s simple and it works

Hail enables you to create articles, alerts, newsletters, blogs, information packs (like this NEX publication), enrolment booklets and then seamlessly share these to your school community — all in a single click.   

It’s simple: everyone, from students to teachers, to members of your community, can collaborate to prepare school information online with no design skills needed (we do all that technical stuff) and then when you’re ready, publish them in a single click to your school community/readers, via social media, a school website or email groups.  Throughout, the school has complete control over what information is published and you can make changes even when it has been shared.    

And best of all, what you publish, can easily be read and accessed on any device — from smartphones to smart TVs, iPads and desktop computers.

Creating and editing publications in Hail is very quick and easy

So why do schools love Hail

  • Hail saves time and it's so easy to keep websites, information booklets, community news up to date and share information in Facebook to a Blog.  
  • A school stays in control on what information is shared,  you can update, remove text/photo/attachments and if needed remove information that shouldnt have been shared online.    
  • There is no technical design needed. We do the lot: from making your information look good, shrinking a photo to make it ready to go on your website and integrating with Facebook.
  • School communities love how all stories and updates published with Hail is easy to read on their mobiles.
  • ....AND we provide free training, free technical support and free set up — ❤ a beautiful kiwi product.

Want to hear more, fancy seeing a demo or doing a free trial?  Please get in touch...

📧 stuart@hail.to
🌏 www.hail.to
📱 03-366 9596