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Workshop One: Emergent Design


Join us as we explore how to ensure learners understand what to do when learning online.

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Focus Question: How do we ensure learners understand what to do?

Supplementary Questions:

  • What are the fundamental aspects of designing learning online? What can this look like?
  • What challenges arise from not being in a physical classroom?
  • What strategies can we implement to overcome these challenges?
  • What opportunities does learning/teaching online provide?
  • How do we approach enabling deeper learning online?

Facilitators: Darren Sudlow (NetNZ), Marina Krijgsman (Rangiora New Life School), Jenni Hammonds (VLN Primary)

Time: 3.30pm Thursday 23 April. This is a 30 minute session with time for Q&A

Content: One of the first challenges of teaching online is how to put together a programme / module / project in which it is absolutely clear to the learner what they have to do at any given time. Designing learning online in a way that is clear and user friendly is no easy task. 

What are the key challenges we face in this environment? What strategies can be implemented to meet these challenges and what new opportunities?

We then need to consider how this design can also be flexible enough to move with the learner and reflect their needs. How it can be co-constructed, and, finally how we can flip it on its head so the learner, rather than teacher is in the drivers seat.