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Workshop Five: How do we ensure learning takes place online?


How do we know learning is taking place online? What can we do to ensure it does take place? Join us as we explore this important component of the VLNC Pedagogical Model

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Focus Question: How do we ensure learning is taking place?

Supplementary Questions:

  • How do we monitor learner progress on an ongoing basis?

  • How can we proactively develop learner competence?

  • What strategies can we use to support learner progress?

Facilitors: Trevor Storr (NetNZ, Core education), Jen Hammonds (VLN Primary), Darren Sudlow (NetNZ)

Time: 3.30pm Thursday 18 June. This is a 30 minute session with time for Q&A

Content: How do you approach monitoring and supporting learning online when you are not physically with them? A teacher in a classroom can peer over shoulders and quickly engage with a learner having difficulty. However, online learning can often be highly visible (sometime more so than face to face) and there are many ways to know whether a learner is progressing. The challenge is to provide the right sort of interventions when individuals are struggling.