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The VLN Community Pedagogical Model: PLD Series

Darren Sudlow —

Join us as we break down the VLN Community Pedagogical Model and apply it to our current educational response to Covid-19

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This will be in the form of a series of five online workshops each fortnight throughout term two. Participants will also be invited to continue the discussion asynchronously via the Network of Expertise online platform.

The workshops will explore Five Broad Questions:

  • How do we engage learners online?
  • How do we ensure learners know what to do?
  • How do we ensure learner well-being online?
  • How do we ensure each individual is learning?
  • How do we adapt face to face contexts online?

The Model

Our pedagogical model has formed over 25 years and is based on a number of central principles:

Connections: People matter and developing connections online are integral to learner success in the online environment

Emergent Design: Learning moves with the learner and is not mapped out over long periods. Our model is only self-paced within the context of a defined period of time (typically one to two weeks).

Learner Development: The online space is a 'rich' environment for developing competencies and dispositions to flourish in a fast changing world. Epistemic agency is encouraged.

Support: Onsite support makes a big difference to learner success. Face to face relationships and accountability matter.

Who are we?

We are a national community of school based networks who collaborate to provide a layer of online curriculum across schools. We have existed in some form since 1994 when the Canterbury Area Schools created a new vision for education in New Zealand. The Virtual Learning Network Community currently consists of NetNZ (South Island), Welcom, Volcanics, HarbourNet, and Farnet meeting secondary needs and the Virtual Learning Primary meeting primary (nationally).