by Rachel Whalley

Contestable funds for research/inquiry or collaborative projects

NEX is pleased to offer, with the support of the MoE, funding for teacher research and inquiry and collaborative projects in online teaching and learning.

NEX's aim is to build capability in online teaching & learning through networks of expertise. To help strengthen our collective expertise,  we are opening a contestable funding pool for teachers to undertake research or inquiry into online teaching and learning practice or to develop collaborative projects or initiatives.

Teachers can apply for funding for:

  • release time to undertake inquiry or research, 
  • contribution to study fees or resources,
  • to present findings at conference

The focus of teacher inquiry or research must be directly relevant to an aspect of teaching and learning online and contribute to a body of knowledge that will inform online teacher practice. Collaborative projects must extend teaching and learning practice and be documented in a case study.

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • write a short article highlighting your research, inquiry or collaborative project, which will be published on our NEX website;
  • present your research, inquiry or collaborative project to NEX teachers through our social platform or in a NEX webinar.

Selection criteria consideration will be given to:

  • relevance of study topic & potential impact of findings;
  • identifying a problem or puzzle of practice, and seeking solutions;
  • approaches that are innovative and/or collaborative.

To make your application email a letter of application to, which:

  •  outlines your proposed research/inquiry or collaborative project focus, 
  • describes why this is an important focus,
  •  and explains how your findings may be useful for other teachers or the education sector in general. 
  • Include a budget that outlines the funding you are requesting and how it will be spent.

Applicants must be NEX members. Teachers who are requesting release time, these funds can be paid directly to the school. Receipts and invoices will be needed as evidence of how funds are spent. Applicants can apply for up to $1500.

Please address any questions to