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Your guide to making the most of your Professional Listing

Digital Journey —

Make the most of your professional listing by creating an engaging page, and submitting your marketing content to be shared straight to your target audience.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about your new professional listing on the New Zealand Careers Expo website.

You will receive your account details in an email after you register for your professional listing, as well as an email inviting you to join Hail, our marketing content platform. You will only need to register your hail account once, and then will be able to access hail from your NZ Careers Expo Dashboard.
To log in, head to the website here and navigate to the 'exhibitor login' page, or go straight to it here.

After logging in, you will be redirected to your dashboard. This will be your central hub for managing your listing and posting marketing content. From here, watch our video resource to learn everything you need to know!

Making the most of your Professional Listing Digital Journey

Other resources:

Hail Help (marketing content platform)

Support (Expand the form at the bottom of your dashboard)

Account Issues (ie can't log in)


What if I don't have all of the media for a professional listing?

Don't worry, your listing is smart enough to reformat itself based on the content you provide. Almost all of the fields such as video, image gallery, map, socials, etc, are completely optional and can be excluded if you don't wish to have them. If you'd like some custom imagery or video created, contact our partners at Digital Journey at support@digitaljourney.org.

How does submitting marketing content work?

When you submit your articles to us on hail, we will feature them in our news feeds on the site, as well as feature your content with our partners CareerWise. This will give careers advisors around the country the opportunity to share your article to their pages, and their weekly newsletters straight to their students. CareerWise currently sends over 70,000 emails to student inboxes every month

You can write as many words and images as you like - keep in mind that articles that are short and interesting are more engaging for a youth audience.

How often can I submit my marketing content?

We suggest submitting an article every 1-2 weeks. The New Zealand Careers Expo does reserve the right to choose which articles are suitable to be published.

Who receives the email on the contact form on my listing page?

The email will be sent to the email address you signed up with.

How do I change my account details?

Head to the website and log in to your dashboard. Under 'online expo listing' you'll see a tab titled 'My Account'. Click there and you can change any of your details.