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What are the 8 skills almost all employers want to see in their staff?

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While some skills are industry-dependent, and there will always be exceptions to the rule, these skills are in high demand. While you are working on your specialist skills, don't forget to work on these ones!

1⃣ A positive and friendly attitude - including the ability to stay calm and cope when things aren't easy

2⃣ Working in a team - this means taking on jobs as needed, being easy to work alongside and a friendly team member

3⃣ Communication - including listening, writing and speaking clearly.

4⃣ Managing yourself well - this means you are punctual, reliable and take good care of yourself as appropriate

5⃣ Being willing to learn new things - and picking up new skills as required by the team

6⃣ Initiative - this includes problem-solving and being able to think things through to figure out solutions, and making decisions well.

7⃣ Being resilient - coping when things go wrong, remaining calm and non-defensive in the face of adversity

8⃣ A sense of humour - things will go wrong, but being able to laugh about them and keep a positive outlook makes a huge difference

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Image by: Louise Van Tongeren