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Leaving School —

You have been navigating high school and determining the direction of your future in the midst of New Zealand’s pandemic. An event that has commanded attention across every facet of life. I take my hat off to you all. You’ve had no choice but to map out your path forward in parallel with the world stage.

I think this will bring both benefits and challenges.


+ You’ll enter the adult world more worldly than my peers at that age.

+ You’ll hold conscious empathy for others’ struggles.

+ You’ll have developed critical thinking skills and probably have a better idea of your values.


- The challenge, though, is not missing out on the period of your life that should be more carefree than adulthood. The time where you can live easily in the moment, dream widely about your future, believe the best in people, hold grand optimism, travel and experientially discover your values.

The global context is important but so too is your individual life; they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

My advice is to take time to make mindful decisions about your future, there is no rush. Have fun alongside the study, make the most of young adult life and your friends.

Image by: Ashley Brickell

And if you’re searching for some direction, you might find reflecting on the following questions helpful:

1. What do you do that sparks joy?

2. When do you feel most satisfied?

3. What are you good at?

4. What do you believe is important for the world?

5. How can you wind those together to make a living?

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