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2021 Post Analysis Review Now Available 👍

Careers Expo Team. —

The 2021 review of the Expo can be found in this article.

The 2021 careers expo post-analysis/review provides an overview of how the year panned out for the expo in 2021, some new initiatives and partnerships that made a real difference for exhibitors, and visitors alike.

With the launch of the new digital platform and the integration with the physical expos, we are confident that we are adding real value and building partnerships that will impact the expos in the years to come. 

This year:

  • We held 5 Expos across the country. Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.
  • We launched our New Online Expo in March, with 143 organisations profiled.

The new Online Digital Expo stats speak for themselves:

  • Total visitors to the Expo website was 85,000 visitors over the duration of our Expos!
  • With a peak of 3,392 on a single day
  • Social Media reach was 387,000 with 41% of that audience under 25-year-olds

Watch this space!  Couldn't be happier with these results. 🎉👏

Please find attached to this article the full Post Analysis Results.