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Student Passport

Careers Expo —

Get the most out of your time at the EXPO! Do you know where you are headed? Do you sort of know? Are you heading straight to the workforce?

I know exactly! 

But need to work out the finer details of my decisions...

Who else offers the course you wish to do?

What are the entry requirements?

What job opportunities are there with this qualification?

How adaptable to other careers would this qualification be?

If you are looking to move out of your home town - what are the accommodation options like?

What are the options or content of the course?

Do you need anything else other than your academic record to gain entry? E.g. A portfolio of work, references, work experience.

What is the student support like at the tertiary provider?

Is there any career support available once you enter the tertiary provider? 

I sort of know! 

But need to narrow it down a little...

Sometimes when people are unsure about their future, taking a break between high school and further study can be beneficial. But there are downsides to doing this as well.

❓It is best to do some research first: 

  1. Why are you taking a break between studying?
  2. What are you hoping to get out of it?
  3. What is your plan when you return?
  4. Have you spoken to anyone who has taken a break then gone into study?

Motivation can be hard when you have previously been earning money and then have limited funds while studying. When you finish high school you are in the habit of doing study so getting back into this can be a struggle after a break.

Hopefully from all the research you have done prior to the expo you have narrowed down your options to a few different career pathways or providers.

❓Have a talk to all the different providers and consider the information below:

  1. What job opportunities are there with this qualification?
  2. How adaptable to other careers would this qualification be?
  3. Is there any career support available once you enroll with a tertiary provider?
  4. If I start doing one course can I change to something else? 

Straight to the workforce!

Make sure you are 'Work Ready" for the best start

Do you have a CV?
- go to the Careers NZ website (CV Builder) to create one.

Do you have any references?
- talk to your teachers to see if they would be one for you. You need 2-3 and maybe a family friend.

Do you need a driver’s license?
- www.nzta.govt.nz/driver-licences/ - You are more employable with a valid drivers license.

Do you need a Police Check?
- www.police.govt.nz/faq/how-do-i-get-a-police-clearance-certificate

Do you need to verify your identity or qualifications?
- check out www.RealMe.govt.nz

Do you have an IRD number? You can’t be paid until you have one - https://www.ird.govt.nz/how-to/irdnumbers 

Do you have a Bank Account? - you can’t be paid or get an IRD number without one. 


It helps to know what you're talking about!

Major - This is the main subject in your degree (eg. A History Major in a Bachelor of Arts)

Minor - This is the second main subject in your degree (eg. A Major in History and a Minor in Classical Studies within a Bachelor of Arts) 

Reference - a written letter from someone who knows you personally or professionally which covers your skills and attributes.
Referee - someone who knows you personally or professionally and has agreed to speak to future employers or providers on your behalf.  Make sure you have asked their permission first.

Cover Letter - This is the letter which goes with your CV explaining why you would be perfect for that specific job. Make sure you tailor this to each job you apply for.

CV (Curriculum Vitae) - Written presentation of your skills and attributes as well as your employment and academic history.

Student Loan - Organised through StudyLink to cover fees and some money towards living costs (you will have to pay this back).
Student Allowance - Organised through StudyLink and is a weekly amount towards your living costs. This is dependent on your parents’ income. (You do not have to pay this back). 

Goals for the EXPO

✅ Every time you gather information towards meeting your goals tick a box so you can see at the end how successful you have been in gathering information.

❓While at the Expo have you been:

  1. To see Studylink?
  2. To see at least two different providers?
  3. Used the term CAREER when talking to a provider?

❓Found out about at least one career you did not know existed prior to the expo?

Download your Student Passport below so you can take it along to the Expo.