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Video by Bienvenue! Canada Down Under

Foodie Overseas Experience 🇨🇦

Consulate General of Canada Representative —

Once you try poutine, you will never stop thinking about it. This might be an exaggeration but we commonly hear people talk about how much they miss eating poutine. What is poutine? It is chips covered with gravy and cheese curds!

Kiwi couple Brooke and Blair know a lot about this. After working at a restaurant in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada, they came home with the idea that New Zealanders just had to join in on the fun. So they started a food truck in Palmerston North that sells Canadian wings and poutine.

“The inspiration for our food truck started on our Canadian Overseas Experience (OE), where we learned that if you had a passion for something you just went for it and didn’t allow doubt to get in the way.”

The food truck culture in New Zealand is growing and Brooke and Blair are happy to be a part of it. For more about Brooke and Blair’s adventures in Canada, watch their video.

Brooke and Blair travelled and worked in Canada through International Experience Canada (IEC), a Government of Canada program that allows youth, aged 18-35*, from IEC’s over 30 partner countries/territories to work and travel in Canada for up to two years*. 

Whether it is to take a gap year, complete a co-op/internship abroad, or gain international work experience after graduation, IEC can help make these experiences happen.**

For more information, head to the Consulate General of Canada page at the NZ Digital Careers Expo: https://www.careersexpo.org.nz/exhibitors/consulate-general-of-canada

*May vary depending on your country of citizenship.
**While it may not be the best time to travel overseas right now, you could still dream and plan your adventure.