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Are my career options limited because of Covid?

NZ Careers Expo —

One of the questions at the forefront of New Zealander's minds is around the relevance of what they want to study or the industry they want to join now we are living with Covid

There is no doubt the landscape has changed - and it is very easy to make plain old guesses around where your skills might be of use in this changing world.

What we know is that you are likely to encounter many opinions as you explore your options - so getting some expert advice and feedback is invaluable. 

We encourage you to have conversations - face-to-face - with those "in the know" rather than relying on assumptions about future opportunities and employment options if you are looking to study or change career. Covid has changed many industries - and there are many roles in demand!

Logistically, getting a lot of expert feedback can be a big challenge!

This is where the NZ Careers Expo comes in. Being able to speak to those who can offer you options and expert feedback is one easy place is the most efficient way to explore opportunities. 

Come and ask about your career ideas, chat to those who work in an industry you might have an interest in, find new options and ideas you may not have considered before, and get real-time feedback on what you want to do.

It is free, and the widest range of Aotearoa providers and opportunities are booked to attend in 2021. This is the year YOU join the conversation!

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