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Let’s bust some myths about careers!

NZ Careers Expo —

From talking to many (many!) people looking at their career options over the past few decades, we have come to realise that there are a number of misconceptions out there that are worth addressing.......

True or False?

Lets see how many you get right!

1. By the time you leave school you should know what you want to do for a career.


Career decision-making is lifelong. The ideas that we have as youth are often just a starting point, or might be based on ideals and expectations that don't necessarily translate into a lasting career. 

You may need more time to build your career identity and figure out where your place is - and that is okay.

Expect and embrace changes along the way and remember that your career might take time to shape - all of this is normal.

2. Individuals will have six or seven careers or more in their lifetime.


Everybody has one career. Career is a combination of work and life roles including paid/unpaid work and activities you enjoy. The kind of work that you do may change, but the journey you are on is lifelong.

3. If you follow your passion you can’t go wrong.


It depends on what your passion is! Two important questions about your career are: “Who am I becoming now?” and “Who do I want to become?”

  • Think about who you are becoming now and ask yourself:
  • Is this who I want to become?
  • What do I truly value, what interests me and what are my strengths; what drives, excites, and inspires me, what frustrates me? What do I admire in others? 
  • Your answers will hint at the person you want to become.
  • What are the things I need to do to understand myself better and become the person I want to be?
  • Whom can I ask if I am unsure? Who can I bounce ideas off that I trust?

4. A career professional might be the best person to help you.


Talk to your school careers advisor or engage a professional if you feel like you are at a crossroads or need some clarity. Career advisors think beyond jobs - they want to help you pull out where your strengths are and what kinds of fields you can add value to.

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