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Study in Canada - A world of possibilities awaits
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Study in Canada. đŸ‡¨đŸ‡¦

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A World of possibilities awaits.

Canada is well known for its outstanding quality of edu­cation. Tuition costs for a Canadian education are competitive when compared to other top-ranking international institutions.

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According to QS Top Universities (2019), Canada is a more cost effective option for university studies than other countries, such as the United Kingdom, United States or Australia. However, the true value of a degree is not simply the financial commitment necessary to obtain it – it’s how useful the qualifications are to students that complete the degree and then transition into the job market.

Canadian educational institutions excel in providing a com­petency-based teaching approach that prepares students to be productive in the workplace immediately after grad­uation. According to QS Graduate Employability (2020), four Canadian institutions rank in the global top 100 for successful employment of university graduates! Graduates with a Canadian education have respected qualifications that open doors to careers across the globe.

Canada offers a favorable environment for pioneer achievers in innovation and Canadian universities and colleges are incubators for innovation.

Fields in which Canada has both a relatively high degree of specialization and a high impact (above the G7 countries’ average) include Clinical Medicine; Biology; Information and Communication Technologies; Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry; Earth and Environmental Sciences; and Economics and Business.

Canada’s significant startup ecosystems:

  • AI, Big Data & Analytics: Montreal boasts one of the largest concentration of AI scientists in the world. The ecosystem is considered a leading global AI hub, generating 19% of foreign direct investment in 2016.
  • Gaming: Quebec City’s gaming industry is globally renowned due to presence of major companies like Beenox, Ubisoft Quebec and Frima Studios. Montreal is the center of the Canadian Gaming Industry, hosting almost 35% of all Gaming studios in the country. Vancouver is Canada’s leading digital entertainment cluster and a top global AR/VR hub.
  • Fintech: Toronto is North America’s second-largest financial services hub, with 12,000 firms and 360,000 workers, making the Corridor fertile grounds for startups.
  • Health and Life Sciences: There are over 250 Cleantech companies in Vancouver, employing over 7000 workers.
  • Blockchain: Vancouver is known by elite members in the blockchain community for being home to Ethereum leader Bob Summerwill and leading companies such as Hive Blockchain and BLT Group.

Image by: Consulate General of Canada Representative

The official Government of Canada website EduCanada.ca provides a wealth of education-related information including a search engine that helps in researching college and university programs in Canada that best match your interests and career goals.

Select scholarship opportunities for non-Canadians can be found on scholarships.gc.ca. These include short and long-term scholarships for study and research at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels at post-secondary institutions across Canada.

If a student has a study permit and is registered in a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) for more than six months, they can work in Canada for 20 hours/week outside of campus, full time during vacation outside of campus, unlimited hours on campus, co-op internships are also possible. Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) allows students who have graduated from eligible Canadian DLIs to obtain an open work permit. For more information, visit: Work or live in Canada after you graduate.

Travel restrictions have been modified to allow some inter­national students to travel to Canada. For more information, visit: COVID-19 measures.

Keep up to date on everything Canada by visiting the official Facebook page of the High Commission of Canada in Canberra and the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney, Australia @CanadaDownUnder. Canada Down Under posts news and media including travel advisories, local events and Canada’s presence abroad.

For more information about visiting, studying, working (including Overseas Experience / Working Holiday) or immigrating to Canada, head to the Consulate General of Canada page at the NZ Digital Careers Expo: https://www.careersexpo.org.nz/exhibitors/consulate-general-of-canada

Image by: Consulate General of Canada Representative

Image by: Consulate General of Canada Representative