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"On my request the family is helping out weeding the vege garden." Dries Van den Broeck
Photo by Dries Van den Broeck

An Island Garden

Wild Dunedin —

Keeper Dries Van den Broeck, Nadjejda Espinel and their children have lived on Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua in Otago Harbour since 2017. During that time Dries has been growing food for them. The island has everything needed to grow a very productive garden, which has been most helpful now that they are in quarantine with the lockdown.

" I grow everything from seed and make my own soil. The island provides everything needed, carbs from the forest, manure rich in nitrogen from chickens-sheep and even seagulls on the jetty, and seaweed rich in potassium.    I’ve grown pretty much everything except some warm climate veges. I grow tomatoes, capsicum and lots of herbs in the cottage sunroom though." Dries Van den Broeck 

"To get an idea of the size of my Agria potatoes...the tablespoon looks small doesn’t it?" Dries Van den Broeck — Image by: Dries Van den Broeck
Lucia loves her chickens and they love the worms she feeds them. — Image by: Dries Van den Broeck
"Some of my summer harvest", Dries Van den Broeck  — Image by: Dries Van den Broeck
"2 or 3 marrow plants give us that many marrows we end up giving them away" Dries Van den Broeck — Image by: Dries Van den Broeck
"Slippery jack mushroom, we harvested some on the island and had a delicious meal."  Dries Van den Broeck — Image by: Dries Van den Broeck