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Wild Dunedin Podcast - 'The Forest Feast'

Wild Dunedin Podcasts Series 2 —

Producer Jamie McAulay finds out the secrets behind Beech forest mast events from Dr Janice Lord. Molly Devine's music takes us right into the forest itself so we can feel the highs and lows of the mast year. Listen now...

Janice Lord, Associate Professor of Botany at Otago University, is currently conducting research on rewilding Mahu Whenua, a 55 000-hectare covenanted block of land. ‘Mahu Whenua’ means ‘healing the land’. — Image by: Nicola Wilhelmsen


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Creators of the Wild Dunedin podcasts, Claire Concannon and Jamie McAuley, at Otago Access Radio. — Image by: Jeff Harford, Otago Access Radio

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