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This is your chance to meet Sniper, with Jill Thomson and filmmaker Karthic SS. 
Photo by Karthic SS

'Sniper Protecting World’s Rarest Penguins'

Karthic SS —

In New Zealand, Yellow-eyed Penguin numbers have dwindled. Finding these penguins in the dense bush to monitor and conserve the population is tricky. But former ranger Leith Thomson has a way, Sniper. She is one of the 80 certified Conservation Dogs in New Zealand.

Now every penguin counts… and Sniper is on an adventure to protect the critically endangered birds. 

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Sniper | Protecting World's rarest Penguins | Conservation Dogs | Short Documentary Karthic SS

'Sniper Protecting World’s Rarest Penguins' (13 minutes duration) was written, filmed and edited by Karthic SS, as his graduation project for a post graduate degree in Science & Natural History Filmmaking, at The Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago. 

The Science and Natural History Filmmaking course at Otago Uni helped me acquire basic training and an eye for good stories. My graduation film ‘Sniper’ follows a conservation dog protecting Yellow-eyed Penguins in New Zealand and has done well in festivals globally.
 My vision is to craft compelling true stories on nature, science and society. I try to tell stories that have a potential to bring positive change and strike a chord with people from all backgrounds. Films aside I love to cook, run long distances and have a soft spot for the dwindling Indian Vultures.                             Karthic SS

Thank you Karthic for sharing your film with us and for taking the story around the world.

Karthic SS NZ: +64 27 551 3961 (Whatsapp)  Facebook | Twitter| Instagram