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This is a project to celebrate nature at home, while we all do our part to save lives by slowing the spread of Covid19. Focus on the moment by exploring, connecting with, and sharing nature and try to switch off from all the stress and worry.
Photo by iNaturalist New Zealand

StayiNatHome NZ

iNaturalist, New Zealand —

There will be a lot of plants, animals, and fungi living out their lives in your garden, and in your house. Some will look amazing. Some will have amazing life histories. Some will never have been recorded in your neighbourhood before. The more you look, the more you'll find. Let’s share what we find, marvel at what others find, and weather out this storm together.

All NZ observations added to iNaturalist via the app or iNaturalist.NZ website over the lockdown period will automatically show up in this project. 

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Stay safe, stay at home, & keep exploring.