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Follow the buzz and find the bee. Honey bees love the herb Borage.  
Photo by Jeannie Hayden

Sounds in your Backyard

Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago —

Join the Aotearoa Stories in Sound group and document or listen to soundscapes of the Covid-19 lockdown. Listen up, notice the sounds around you, and share. All that is needed is a smartphone, internet connection and Facebook account to contribute by recording sounds in your backyard.

It's never been a better time to record natural sound in your backyard because there is far less busy noise of vehicles, sirens, and aeroplanes in our city during this period of lockdown.

Share your recording with: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2577328235699835/

Remember to practice physical distancing while socially connecting.

If you just want to listen, that’s okay too. Check out the Aotearoa Stories in Sound group to hear sounds from other bubbles including RNZ's Alison Ballance's backyard:

Host Alison Ballance will be known by many in Dunedin as she spent 18 years producing and directing wildlife documentaries for NHNZ. — Image by: Alison Ballance

Click on this clip to hear cicadas on Mt Victoria...