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NZ Marine Studies Centre offers marine education programmes, and operates a research aquarium.
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Fishy Cams

NZ Marine Studies Centre —

What is moving in the touch pool? What fish can you see? What’s the weather like at Portobello? See for yourself! Check out the webcams streaming live from the NZ Marine Studies Centre.

Click on this link below to access all the webcam and videos:


On the website you will also find supporting materials, videos and resources to help you identify and learn more about the animals and plants you see.

But if you are looking for something in particular here are the individual links:

Wharf – cam: https://www.otago.ac.nz/marine-studies/webcams/otago689941.html

Check the weather at Portobello and the boats in the harbour. Learn about the University of Otago’s research vessels and the work they do.

Touchpool-cam: https://www.otago.ac.nz/marine-studies/webcams/otago689946.html

What animals can you spot in the touchpool? Can you solve the Murder Mystery  https://hail.to/app/wild-dunedin/article/view/SOTn0nF

Is there anything new in the touchpool? Can you spot a crab scurrying around? How many sea stars are there? — Image by: NZ Marine Studies Centre

Seahorse-cam: https://www.otago.ac.nz/marine-studies/webcams/otago689944.html 

Unfortunately our seahorses are not in their usual tanks due to COVID-19. You can check out some seahorse tank highlights including feeding!

Fish-cam: https://www.otago.ac.nz/marine-studies/webcams/otago689945.html

What makes a fish a fish? Study the fish in our tank and check out the resources on our website.

What fish and other animals can you spot today? Do check in on feeding days: Tuesday and Friday mornings! — Image by: NZ Marine Science Studies

The NZ Marine Studies Centre is the public face of Marine Science at the University of Otago.